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Hollow Stainless
Hollow is often used as a ceiling frame and partition wall. Some of our clients use it as material for fencing. Stainless steel hollow itself is more inclined to ornament. Stainless coating tends to be more hand-friendly compared to ordinary black iron or galvanized. Price of Stainless Steel Surabaya

Stainless Pipes
Iron pipe in general is used as a water channel or gas channel. Also, sometimes our customers use it for lighting poles and electric poles. Well, the case is different for Stainless Pipes. This type of pipe is more towards the end-user / in direct contact with the user's hand, not for construction. Used as ornament or raw material for making tables, chairs and other home appliances. Price of Stainless Steel Surabaya

Stainless Strip Plate
Strip plate has a shape like a wooden board with a standard length of 6 meters with varying width and thickness. Strip plate is usually used as fence material, door / window trellis, and also various other safety constructions. In the machining industry, plate strip components are used for maintenance / maintenance of machinery such as textile machinery, food and beverage, and others. Strip plates are also often found for architectural / interior activities. Making round tables with many bending methods using strip plates. Price of Stainless Steel Surabaya

Stainless Elbow
Elbow iron or also often referred to as the Angle Bar. Is an L-shaped iron 90 degrees. Price of Stainless Steel Surabaya. Iron Elbow has many uses, namely:

  • Make a rack-shaped construction filled with heavy items.
  • Used for canopy construction as structural reinforcement.
  • Used as a horizontal or vertical structure in a tower such as a water tower, radio tower, or other transmitter tower.
  • Support structures for tall buildings such as skyscrapers.
  • As a tool to move heavy items from one point to another.
  • Used as a structural material for stair frames or door frames
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