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Reducer Tee
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Specification of Reducer Tee

Reducer Tee

Reducer Tee is one component of fittings, having almost the same shape as a tee (T). However, here the function is the same as a reducer that connects two pipes with different diameters.

Red Tee we sell are Red Tee SCH and Red Tee SGP. Both have a way of welding. For the size we offer is from 3/4 "x 1/2" up to 14 "x 12". We can see on the size offered there are two different sizes. Thus, it shows that its function is to connect a pipe of different sizes in the form of T.

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Our company provides various types of materials that you need, such as hollow iron black iron galvanized iron galvalum unp and many more. PT. Sahabat ana grup have a vision and mission Increase the value of the company by holding excellent quality, diverse products and customer satisfaction.

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