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Bronjong Wire
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Bronjong Wire

Bronjong wire is a woven / galvanized steel wire arrangement with a specific configuration (box shape with hexagon hole) which is useful as a binder or reinforcement of a pile of stones. With experienced skilled workers and supported by high-tech raw materials, We are able to produce bronjong wire with a capacity of 1,500 units and ready to serve projects with large scale (Mega construction).

The function of the gabion is to protect and strengthen the soil structure around the cliff so that there are no landslides, river banks, and embankment edges. Gabions can also be used as forming dams to increase the volume of river water.

The banks of the river can experience erosion due to the rapid and continuous flow of the river. Here, the gabion will function as a guardian of the riverbank area from the river flow so that the river banks will not be easily destroyed

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