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What is fitting?
Fitting or can be referred to as a pipe connection is one component in plumbing or piping that serves to spread, enlarge and minimize, or change the direction of the flow of water and gas. Fitting is not the name of an item or an individual but a name used to group some components.
What are the components of fittings?

Its components consist of elbow, tee, plug, cap, sock, union, reducer, and tee reducer. Elbow is a pipe connection has a form of bend or has another designation that is knee. Then Tee is a pipe connection that has a T shape, like a road then a tee is a fork. If there is a fork, of course there will be an intersection, well that is like a crossroad called cross or has a bentu X. In addition there is also a cap or a lid usually as a cover or end of the branching of a pipe, if the road is stamped like a dead end .

How about material and fitting size?
As with pipes, fittings are made of a variety of materials. As iron material is divided into iron which is more commonly called black iron and also galvanized iron that is resistant to corrosion, there is also a stainless steel and brass material. Which materials are good to use certainly it is back again on the need and its use.
The size itself also adjusts to the pipe used. Some of them like elbows and tees usually have the same size and insert. But there are also different sizes between input and output that is like reducer tee or reducer elbow. Therefore, the pipe connections that have the same input and output sizes will be mentioned one size only. Suppose 1/2 "tee or elbow 1-1 / 2", while the reducer will be mentioned 1/2 "x1-1 / 2 reducer". 

Our company provides various types of materials that you need, such as hollow iron black iron galvanized iron galvalum unp and many more. PT. Sahabat ana grup have a vision and mission Increase the value of the company by holding excellent quality, diverse products and customer satisfaction.

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