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Fitting Elbow
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Specification of Fitting Elbow

Elbow Fittings

Elbow / Knee
One component of fittings is the elbow / knee. Next, the list of elbows follows:

Elbow Drat
Galvanized Thread Elbow
Elbow galvanized drat is a knee / elbow that has a galvanized or white layer consisting of a 45D galvanized thread and a 90D galvanized drat.

Siku Drat TSP
Elbow TSP drat is a black dense knee / elbow consisting of TSP 45D drat and 90D TSP drat.

Elbow is not Drat
SIKU SCH40 and SCH80
Siku SCH consists of sch40 and sch80. At sch40 45D and Sch40 90D Sch40, and sch80 we only sell Sch80 90D sizes. Siku sch has the ability to withstand high depending on the needs of sch 40 or sch 80. Sch Schiff does not have drat so the installation is done by welding.

SGP Elbow
SGP elbow installation is done by means of welded, but SGP has a cheaper price compared to SCH. That is because SGP has the ability to withstand pressures lower than SCH. For Elbow SGP we sell SGP 45D CS and SGP 90D CS sizes.

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