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1. Black Iron Pipe

Black steel pipes refer to ordinary iron pipes and are mainly used for gas lines, also used to connect equipment to their supply lines. This is a pipe used by businesses and homes to deliver their natural gas or propane supply.

2. Galvanized Iron Pipes

This iron pipe is an iron pipe with a galvanized coating which has anti-rust advantages. Suitable for use as a water pipe. This type of pipe is far more durable than ordinary black iron pipe.

3. Seamless Iron Pipe

Seamless pipes are known as pipes that do not have a connection. Made by punching holes in a cylinder to produce a complete pipe. To check, the buyer can see the inside of the pipe. There, the pipe looks smooth and has no connection marks.

4. Welded Iron Pipe

The welded pipe is initially a plate which is then curved and welded into a pipe. The most prominent characteristic of this pipe is the longitudinal line which is the joint of the plate.

5. Lgh Iron Pipe SNI, Med SNI, SCH40

Sch or schedule itself has the meaning of a pipe thickness parameter measured from the relationship of the pipe thickness to the inner diameter (ID) which results in the strength to withstand pressure, where Sch has been based on the ANSI standard. Whereas for Med SNI and Lgh SNI are thickness standards where the thickness level of Med SNI is below Sch40, and Lgh SNI is below Med SNI.

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