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1. Wire Counters

Compared to ordinary steel counters, this galvanized screw counter is of higher quality and has a very strong rust or anti-corrosion resistance, so many are starting to apply this product to street fences, engine covers, window coverings, warehouse or factory divider deviders, and still much more.

2. Gabion Wire

A gabion is a steel / galvanized woven structure with a certain configuration (box-shaped with hexagon holes) that is useful as a binder or reinforcement of a pile of stones. With an experienced workforce of experts and supported by high-tech raw materials, we are able to provide gabions with a capacity of 1,500 units and are ready to serve projects on a large scale (Mega construction).

3. Harmonica Wire

Harmonica is galvanized woven with various sizes that are widely used in various places, such as sports fields, parks, schools, and others.

4. Wiremesh

Wiremesh wires have a series of intersecting wires. The shape is such that it is woven or woven. The result of this webbing is able to create a stable sheet.

5. Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal is a mesh or span metal made of plate-shaped diamonds, connected without a welding or casting process so it is believed to be stronger and durable. The raw materials are SPHC black plate, SPCC white plate, SGCC galvanized plate, and aluminum. The advantages are homogeneous, have a beautiful shape, varied in applying it, relatively light, easy to install, anti-slip, does not cause inundation, cohesive with various types of coatings, able to withstand heavy loads (type gridmesh).

6. BWG Wire

BWG Galvanized is a construction material that is widely used to make fences or other crafts. This building material has a thick and even galvanized coating, so it is not easy to black and rust. The size that we sell from the thickest to the thinnest is BWG # 6 to BWG # 18.

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