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Understanding Fittings in Pipe Accessories
In the piping system, of course it has various terms. One of them is fittings in piping accessories. The term fitting is not only in the piping system, but here we will discuss pipe fittings.
Pipe fittings or pipe joints are an important part of the piping system. Pipe fittings are one type of accessories that are often used in the installation process. Like pipes, pipe fittings also have different shapes, sizes and characters. Of course it has different functions. Therefore, let's get to know the types of fitting accessories and their functions for piping systems.
1. Socket
The usefulness of this accessory is to connect the pipe, aiming to extend the pipe by connecting one pipe straight to the other. These accessories are usually used to connect two pipes of the same diameter, with threads (drat) that are inside. There are many more types of sockets that can be adjusted to customer needs such as outer threaded socket, internal threaded socket and many others.
2. Elbow
Unlike the socket, the function of this accessory is to deflect the flow with the screw inside. Besides elbow, there are actually accessories with the same function to deflect the flow, namely Bend. But these accessories have a difference that is used to deflect large berusus flow. Elbow has several types, degrees or types of drat, such as 90 degree elbows, 45 degree elbows, elbows with outer threads, elbows with deep threads, these types also depend on consumer needs.
3. Tee
In addition to deflect, pipe accessories are also useful to divide the flow into two directions. This tool is called Tee. As the name "T", this accessory is shaped like the letter T, which has three branches with the resulting flow starting from a straight pipe that is turned left and right. Tee is generally T-shaped but there are several types of Tee that are often called Y-Branch but some also call it Tee, as well as Tee with a shrinking edge, many people call it the Reducer Tee, which is the right-left end but the center shrinks.
4. Reducer
Reducers are usually used to connect two pipes of different diameters. Reducers can be divided into two types, namely Elbow Reducer serves to deflect flow and Reducer Socket serves to extend the pipe, with a straight pipe connection.
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