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Iron is a metal that comes from iron ore (mine) which is very useful in daily needs. Iron is a chemical element with the symbol FE (derived from Latin: ferrum) and atomic number 26 which is a metal in the first transition series. Iron is the fourth largest element in the earth's crust. Because of the abundance of production due to fusion reactions in large mass stars (in rocky planets like the earth) where nickel - 56 production (which is overall the most common iron isotope) is the last exoternal nuclear fusion reaction.
Iron precious metals have been used since antiquity, although those with lower melting points, which were used earlier in human history, pure iron are relatively softer but cannot be obtained through smelting. This metric hardens and is significantly strengthened by carbon impurities, especially in the smelting process. With a certain proportion of carbon (between 0.002% and 2.1%) it will produce harder steel than pure iron, which may reach 1,000 times.
Iron compounds have many benefits in everyday life. Iron has a very high economic value so many people make iron as a business land. Most of the uses of iron are found in the world of construction. Many material elements are used in the world of iron-based construction because the strength of modified iron is more beneficial and beneficial. But besides that, iron also has disadvantages, including rust and corrosion when exposed to water. But along with the development of the times and technology, iron which is indeed a very useful necessity in human life, has now increasingly penetrated the latest breakthroughs of which there are types of iron that are indeed rust resistant and waterproof such as galvanized iron. One example is a water pipe.
There are many more explanations regarding iron, but the author is only able to deliver briefly, the rest please, bro, look for other references to add insight, other uses produced by other iron-based materials. So the opening blog about the world of iron and construction may be useful for all readers.
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